Gold Mathletics Certificate

A huge congratulations to Kaitlyn for working very hard on Mathletics. On Monday 22nd of February at Assembly Kaitlyn was awarded a GOLD certificate! Well done and very well deserved!

I do hope the all the other kids of 1SB are working very hard and trying their best on Mathletics at home.

gold mathletics


Hello and welcome to 1SB’s class blog. Well done to all the students from 1SB for such a brilliant start to the new school year. We have seen lots of hard work, excellent manners, new friendships and lots of laughter! Thank you parents for supporting your children to settle back into school so smoothly.

On this blog you will be able to see work we have been doing in class, awards students have received and important notices.

I am looking forward to giving you a glimpse into our classroom for 2016.

Miss Benc